Burundi Kazoza Natural | Dried Mango & Dark Chocolate


Kazoza N’Ikawa means “the Future of Coee”. It is one of the leading cooperatives of the COCOCA union. The coee trees are grown in the highlands nestled between the Ruyubu river and the Mpemba mountain in the Kayanza district, where the soil is predominantly made of sandy clay. The temperature there ranges from 15ºC to 25ºC and the harvest takes place from the last two weeks of April to the end of July, which is slightly later than the rest of Burundi due its cooler climate.

In the cup: Dried Mango, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Oolong Tea and Tangerine Zest

Varietal: bourbon

Processing: natural

Altitude: 1780 MASL

Roast Style:
Grind Type:

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