Nicaragua El Volcan AA | Tropical Fruits


Curiously the volcano that this blend is named after is not really a volcano. Looking at it you could be fooled though, and this is how the area, surrounding the mountain that appears to be a volcano, was named “El Volcan”. This is a special coffee growing region because of the high altitude, the mild climate and shade found covering the coffee tree on the farms. Here the vegetation is green and plentiful, a healthy ecosystem where the coffee trees flourish.

Maracaturra is a hybrid born of Maragogype and Caturra and while still susceptible to leaf rust and thus very labour intensive,  it's high yield, wind resistance and amazing cup flavour and quality make it a highly sought after varietal.

This Fully Washed Nicaragua El Volcan AA is an amazing showcase of the vibrant, tropical and bright flavours that we seek in a coffee like this.


 Bergamot, jasmine, mandarin, tropical fruits, passion fruit, honey, pecan & orchid fragrance.

🌎 Nicaragua

📍 Nueva Segovia

⛰️ 1,500 MASL

💧 Fully Washed

🍒 Maracaturra

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