Beginner Barista

This session involves the fundamentals of making delicious coffee. We recommend this course be completed by as many Wolff pack staff members as possible.

We will cover:

  • Dialing in to the brew ratio as per Wolff standards
  • What to look for in your espresso shots (good and bad)
  • Steaming milk to correct consistency, consistently
  • How to execute the correct pour; bring crema and flavour to the top, right amount of foam

This course is best for anyone that is new to coffee making or has not made coffee for some time. It is the important foundation of knowledge for specialty coffee service.

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Duration & Time: 2 hours (4:30-6:30pm)

Location: 140 Gerler Road, Hendra Qld 4011

Course Educator: Adam Van Blerk & Megan Prowse

What to Wear: Comfortable clothes (sleeved shirt) & enclosed shoes

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