Barista & Latte Art Essentials Course

This session covers the fundamentals of making delicious coffee & where to start with latte art. We cover brew ratios, tamping, dialing in, adjusting the grind, tasting and evaluating espresso and cleaning your equipment. It is an ideal refresher course on best practices and troubleshooting. We recommend this course for all new baristas to your cafe. Latte art has been proven to increase the perceived value of a cup of coffee – it is also heaps of fun! This session will also show you how to perfect your fundamental patterns: heart, tulip and rosetta. We’ll then combine them into some insta-worth designs.

Course Content:

  • Dialing in tasty coffee
  • Texturing silky smooth milk
  • Managing all barista equipment
  • Basic Introduction to Latte Art
  • Pulling the Perfect Shot
  • Milk Texturing and Pouring
  • Glass vs Porcelain technique
  • Making shapes (rosetta, tulip, heart, swan)

Duration & Time: 2 hours (4:30-6:30pm)

Location: 140 Gerler Road, Hendra Qld 4011

Course Educator: Adam Van Blerk & Megan Prowse

What to Wear: Comfortable clothes (sleeved shirt) & enclosed shoes

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