Cold Wolff Cold Brew | Oktoberfest


Introducing something Brew-tifully new 🍻

Raise your mugs! our Oktoberfest blend is here, and for the first time you will sip our delicious blend cold brewed in convenient Cold Wolff cans! 

Oktoberfest is a magical brew that changes from year to year to embrace the hop variation from different growing seasons.

This year we pay homage to Pilsner Urquell (def. Original Source), the first golden lager that in 1842 changed beer forever. A refreshing crispness with subtle notes of caramel and a clean finish. Pleasant saaz hops bitterness balanced out with a smooth malt and creamy sweetness in flavour and aroma.
🍻 🥨 PROST! 🍻 🥨

☕ Decocted malt, Caramel, Saaz Hops

🌍  Zambia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda
250ml cans


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