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The coffee cherries are processed using the same traditional double-soaked processing method in Burundi. The cherries were depulped in the pulping machine and then undergone 24 hour dry fermentation with washing with fresh water every 12 hours, mixed around with a wooden paddle. Next this coffee was channeled to the next washing tank to undergo 24-hour “under water fermentation”, with washing with fresh water every 12 hours. Finally these were pushed back into the dry fermentation tank to be left for another 24 hours, plus 12 hourly fresh water in between. After these steps, these beans were spread on drying beds until the desired moisture level

 Dark cherry, ginger snap biscuits, treacle, coriander seeds & rosella jam.

🌎 El Salvador

📍 Jinotega

⛰️ 1580 - 1720 MASL

💧 Burundi

🍒 Bourbon and Kenya

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