Jibbi Jug - 380ml


Our range of 380ml jugs currently comes in two styles - Assassin and Kungfu.

Assassin - Handle-free milk jug with heat resistant silicon. The spout is sharp but not too pointy compared to other series, which allows you to pour all high definition designs with ease.

  • The sharp spout with round V shape tip, is designed to create rounded leaf tip. Ideal for Ultra fine Latte art, and Frothing milk.
  • Ultra Light weight including the silicone sleeve at 155g

Kungfu - The perfect new taller body and eagle pointy spout really helps you to control the milk flow and get closer to the surface, even in a tight space.

  • Light weight 160g Right size for small cup, use less milk for 5-8oz cup.
  • Best control in small cup 3-8oz 

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