Kenya Chania Estate | Honey Process


Each year producer Boyce Harries has been sending us coffee that is tastier than the last and 2019 is no exception! He is constantly innovating to improve cup quality, and we are loving the results!

Honey processing is new to and unique in the East African context. Chania Estate pick their coffee cherries at their most ripe potential and then pass them through disk pulpers to shred away the skin. The beans are then dried in a very thin layer on raised beds. The mucilage gradually breaks down under the African sun - it’s an incredibly messy process that pays off in the cup!

Head to the Wolff College of Coffee Vlogg to hear Boyce Harries chat about how he approaches honey processing. 

Varietal: French Mission

Region: Thika

Elevation: 1524 masl

Process: Honey

Grind Type:
Roast Style:

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