Mexico Guadalupe Zaju | Bourbon Barrel Aged


Long time Wolff Pack Partner Teddy Esteve has brought us something truly amazing this year! The secret to this exceptional and very special lot is wood. This nano lot of Guadalupe Zaju has been barrel aged in whisky barrels re-purposed from Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack and Woodford Reserve. The coffee is aged, in parchment, in these barrels for three weeks, and the result is a complex, boozy and deeply satisfying brew.


 Rye, Malt, Bourbon, Clove Spice, Muscovado Sugar & Caramel Cream

🌎 Mexico

📍 Finca Guadelupe Zaju

⛰️ 900-1400 MASL

💧 Fully Washed

🍒 Marsellesa & Hybrids

Grind Type:
Roast Style:

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