Probatone 25 Series 2

When established blends or single origins have found their own circles of friends, the Probatone 25 is just the right machine with plenty in reserve.


  • Typical roasting time: 12-20 min
  • Recommended batch size : 25 kg green beans
  • Heating type: Natural Gas / Propane Gas
  • Approximate hourly output: 85 Kg Roasted Coffee
  • Consistent, homogeneous roast of the coffee beans thanks to Probat-specific air-to-bean ratio and special shovel mechanism
  • Fast, gentle cooling of the roasted product in generously proportioned cooling sieve
  • Brushes mounted under the cooling sieve for automatic cleaning of the cooling sieve floor
  • Several components made of high-quality cast iron
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling using separate exhausts for the cooling and roasting air
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to infinitely adjustable gas regulation
  • Reliable heating provided by cutting-edge burner technology
  • Available with Pilot Roaster Shop semi-automatic controller on request

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