Probatone 5 Series 2

The conveniently sized all-rounder. The Probatone 5 can do everything that the bigger machines can. Roasting, cooling, looking good. All at the same time. Once you’ve got one, you’ll never want to let it go. Even if your business grows.


  • Typical roasting Time: 12-20 min
  • Recommended Batch Size: 5 kg green beans
  • Heating type: Natural Gas / Propane Gas / Electricity
  • Approximate hourly output: 17 Kg Roasted Coffee
  • Consistent, homogeneous roast of the coffee beans thanks to Probat-specific air-to-bean ratio and special shovel mechanism
  • Fast, gentle cooling of the roasted product in generously proportioned cooling sieve
  • Brushes mounted under the cooling sieve for automatic cleaning of the cooling sieve floor
  • Several components made of high-quality cast iron
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling using separate exhausts for the cooling and roasting air
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to infinitely adjustable ga regulation
  • Reliable heating provided by cutting-edge burne technology
  • Easy handling thanks to clear touch panel
  • Available with Pilot Roaster Shop semi-automatic controller
  • Thermocouple to measure the roasting exhaust ai temperature
  • Variable drum speed
  • LED lamp to determine the roasted coffee colour
  • Frequency regulation of the roasting exhaust air flow

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