Nowek Coffee, Papua New Guinea

Nowek is a family owned and operated coffee producing company located in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.Terry Shelley Snr, founder of Nowek Ltd, has lived and worked in Papua New Guinea since the 1960's. He and the local people from Pari, Kurumugl, Simbu Province, shared contributions towards the first coffee co-operative in PNG - the Simbu Coffee Co-operative. Today Nowek is committed to producing and supplying quality Arabica beans sourced from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, through long term partnerships with local farmers.

The Seedling Project

We believe in the longevity of sustainable practices, investing in education and improving the communities we are involved in. Through our coffee rejuvenation initiative, we donate Arabica Coffee seedlings from our nursery to surrounding villages and communities for them to cultivate and produce a lasting source of income. 

The coffee journey begins with the local coffee farmer. In Papua New Guinea 85% of the coffee produced is from smallholder growers, with coffee grown in 15 of the 20 provinces. It is a major source of income for more than 50% of the population.

We strongly believe in maintaining this sustainable industry by investing in education and awareness programs. In 2015, green houses were installed on our sun drying fields to facilitate a coffee seedling nursery. Our goal is to distribute FREE coffee seedlings to surrounding communities and schools, with the hope that they will one day benefit from this cash crop.      

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nowek coffee wolff coffee roasters specialty queensland papua new guinea arabica