Peter Wolff has been at the forefront of the Specialty Coffee Industry in Australia for more than thirty years, beginning his coffee journey in 1984. Recognised as one of few Master Roasters in Australia and as a pioneer and innovator of the Australiasian coffee and tea industry.

Wolff Coffee Roasters was set up in 2010 by Peter and Penny Wolff after choosing to launch a new coffee roasting business, in Brisbane. The focus squarely on flavour in the cup, sources in a sustainable way; the ultimate goal was “to make delicious specialty grade coffee available and approachable to every day coffee drinkers.”

Peter and Penny’s knowledge and reputation as an international coffee judges is in demand from industry professionals all around the world, having trained many of the roasters and baristas who are forging their futures in the coffee industry both in Australia and internationally.  

At Wolff Coffee Roasters they have raised a culture of highly competent coffee professionals, consistently delivering exceptional coffee experiences through their dedication to quality, flavour, education and innovation; inspiring and sharing their knowledge along the way to all. However, Wolff Coffee Roasters’ core business is to empower the consumer and to share their coffee knowledge and expertise from the industry. Through their highly successful development of "Wolff College of Coffee" YouTube channel, together with their team of professionals they have produced over 100 episodes sharing their coffee knowledge worldwide, and retaining a strong digital following.

Today Wolff Coffee Roasters supplies espresso machines, equipment and all the accessories needed to get started as a specialty roaster. In addition to supplying equipment, Wolff Coffee Roasters has also established an educational facility that provides consultation, training and education in all aspects of mastering the craft of espresso, roasting, cupping and sensory development. 

Wolff’s pursuit of excellence in all that they do, is exhibited through the roastery’s very own retail space - Big Bad Wolff. It is here, in the unique space of our roastery warehouse, where customers can indulge in a beautifully hand crafted coffee, purchase retail coffee beans and seek advice from our team of experienced and dedicated coffee professionals. Focused on the quality of the product and providing personable and professional customer service, Big Bad Wolff provides an unbeatable customer experience, whilst educating the consumer in the art of coffee.