“The Craft of Coffee” takes skill, passion, knowledge, experience and perseverance. Wolff College of Coffee offers educational courses that are tailor designed to help people unlock the mystery of this craft, empowering all to be the best they can at roasting, cupping, sensory development, latte art, espresso and brewed coffee barista practices.
The Wolff College of Coffee offers an array of courses. Each course covers very specific topics and information providing little or no overlap between the courses; with training and education for the beginner through to the experienced. Included on offer are a Beginner and Advanced courses for Coffee Roasting, Beginner and Advanced courses for Mastering the Craft of Espresso, a Brewed Coffee and Latte Art Course, a Cupping and Sensory Development Course and a free Cupping Forum offering sensory development to the general public every month.
Traditionally the craft of roasting was taught by the mentoring process, whereby the Master Roaster and the learner stood next to the roaster; the elder and his student. The Master Roaster shared her/his knowledge and experience verbally and talked the learner through the paces of roasting. Sadly, this ritualistic approach to learning has faded, and many of the “so called secrets” of the industry are not shared.
Today in an era reflecting sound social justice practises and empowerment for all, Master Roaster, Peter Wolff is bringing it back “old school”. He will share his knowledge gained from over 30-years of roasting, and mentor his learners through the traditional methods of roasting. Our highly skilled and industry recognised Trainers and Baristas will also mentor you through our selection of other courses.