Here at Wolff Coffee Roasters we make conscious purchase decisions when buying our green beans. Right after the harvest and directly from farmers at a sustainable price level to benefit their communities. We roast the beans in small batches to ensure optimum consistency and quality control.

We work closely with San Remo and La Marzocco to ensure the best possible equipment is secured for our partners. We service the espresso machines ourselves and make sure everything is calibrated correctly.

Even so, the best beans and most superb equipment is not enough. In fact, we believe the most important factor for your coffee quality is a well-educated barista. The barista should be well-trained in brewing coffee and communicating the coffee experience to your customers.

As an integrated part of the Wolff Coffee Roasters Partner Program, we offer tailored education for you and your staff every month of the year. We will train your team to expand their specialty coffee knowledge from basic to intermediate, advanced, latte art and beyond. 

Wolff Coffee Partnership Managers are here for you. Always at hand to help visiting your business regularly to ensure your needs are seen to. 

Send us an enquire or call on 1800 965 339