Our roasting and blending exemplify what Wolff Coffee Roasters is best known for – crafting coffees to a haus style. Big Dog, Lil Red and Edelweiss are the originals and most powerful expression of this roasting and blending philosophy, which results in a consistency of style and quality across each harvest year.

The newest member of the Wolffpack, Studio Espresso celebrates diversity as we differentiate ourselves through the collaborations held with our current farms to add incredible value to your coffee experience. A collection that is known for being consistently delicious now presents two new blends, exclusive syrups, chai, drinking chocolate and great equipment to suit every cafe. If your business is looking for a reliable partnership, approachable coffee and great value, reach out! 



When the day calls for being bold or if you see yourself driving down the motorway listening to The Power by Snap then this blend is in your laneway.

Bold dark chocolate notes that coat your entire mouth, dark honey and hazelnuts to shift the flavour into overdrive.


A coffee blend that imbues a fruit forward oddity and a body that is tighter than David Bowie's pants!

Bubblegum, chocolate coated bananas, strawberries and blueberries are waiting to fill the zero gravity in your mouth. Launch the flavour astronaut within you!

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